Welcome to a new world of rum


Chocolate & Rum Spirit Drink


We let the chocolate speak for itself

We have hand blended our decadent chocolate recipe to our delicious rum to create something extra-ordinary. As we hand blend the rum, we take the alcohol content down to a warming 20% abv.

It’s completely allergen free and vegan friendly with no artificial colours. Even more unique with a chocolate rum drink, there is no ‘use by date’ after opening.

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Based in the Northwest of England, we are very much a British company, with family roots in rural Italy.

On special family occasions we make our famous “Grog” which is a rum-based drink infused with different flavours. These flavours differ depending on which family you’re from. For our Family – It was chocolate!!

Grog is derived from the way sailors used to dilute their rum with water and add other flavours. You will see from our logo, that it’s made up of an X that sailors used, to mark their rum barrels, the square centre represents our chocolate element.

By purchasing a bottle from us, we welcome you into the “Lucelas Family” and go on this exciting new journey together. We are proud to introduce the first edition in our new range

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Welcome to a new world of Rum

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